Molly sleeping for all in a days work

All in a days work

I have spent most of this week battling with an Apple PC, now I am not going to rant about…
glass vacuum cups

The Best Part of Waking Up

Is cupping your wife. I know, the Folgers jingle it ain't, but it has been a busy day so it…
Cinnamon Buns for cook

I Can Bring Home the Bacon

As I write this Molly is enjoying a nice big slice of Lemon Pound cake I made Sunday night because…
Me standing over a fountain for Identity

So Tell Me Who Are You

Who am I, what is my identity? I am pretty damn open about a lot of my life. My name,…
a beer for the kink that came in from the cold

The kink that came in from the cold

Mrs Fever asked in a comment "What the fuck is a munch and why go?" So as is my wont…
arm in mirror for unique

Anything you can do I can do better

I don't know how many times I need to repeat this but it seems I haven't said it often enough.…
fireworks for the beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

This is day 266 of this blog. Way back on January 1st when I started this it seemed like a…
Charting a course

Charting a Course

Every now and again I am reminded of the scope of D/s. Sure there is the sex and the play…
Michael Knight in all his dubious glory


The Dom
Clothed Male Naked Female us


The Couple
Molly Moore crouched on the Floor


The Sub

About This D/s Life

It all started, as many things do, by a combination of things. The discussion on twitter about 365 projects and several conversations about D/s. This all rolled around in my brain until a few of the still functioning synapses fired and I tweeted

"I want to start a 365 project, but instead of pictures I want 365 days of expressing our D/s relationship"
To which my amazing wife replied
"One random tweet and whole new project is about to be born.... We must be crazy"
We both write about our love and our kink, often on Twitter but Twitter being what it is sometimes those words get lost. And so This D/s Life was born, a place for us to store and share some of those thoughts with each other and you, where we will try to show the daily interactions that portray our relationship and kink. Thanks for Reading. @domsigns Mollyxxx

His Twitter

Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit? I say Fuck Brexit and send it packing

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