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A Kiss is not a Contract

Molly and Michael kissing

“A kiss is not a contract” is a line stolen from a very silly song by Flight Of The Conchords. Not a sentiment I share.

I don’t kiss a lot of people, In fact in the last 33 years I have kissed three people. I don’t mean a peck on the cheek kiss, I mean a real kiss and I love kissing.

For me it is really not about the kiss itself, but WHO you are kissing that matters and it is why my kiss numbers are so small. I need to care, and not just a little, I need to care to show the passion in my kiss, to engage beyond a physical level. I need to be able to put my heart in it.

So when I kiss her and I do kiss her a lot, It isn’t about the dance of lips and breath and tongues. It is how I show her the depths of how I feel and each kiss delivers a message.

I want you

I own you

I need you

I love you

So to me, yes, a kiss is a contract, it represents all the things we mean to each other and how I can show my dominance with nothing but my hands and my lips no matter where we are or who we are with.

I plan to keep on kissing her and hopefully each time she will know, just a little bit more, what that means to me.


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