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An Awesome Blossom

Image of Sharps for Awesome Blossom Post

A blossom of pain that is.

This is me being clever

Do you get it?

Ahhh well, just me then.


If you read yesterday’s post then you might know that these are some new Xmas gifts that Molly and I exchanged.  Barring England sinking into the sea, not an unreasonable proposition given the almost non-stop rain we have been having, we will be using at least some of the items seen in this picture. If you have any questions about anything you see here or how they work for us, I do hope you will ask in the comments below. This D/s Life works better when other play along.

I hope to make Molly blossom tomorrow 😉


Update: You can have a look here to see what Molly had to say about the experience.

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