Tied Up in Ribbons and Bows

Well we have just gotten home from CMNF (check yesterday’s post if you haven’t already) and I thought you might like to see the outcome of the Awesome Blossom with Molly’s new Ribbons and Bows. I am sure she will have more to say about this. But I think it looks pretty good for our first outing with the medical stapler.

Staples, Ribbons and Bows on Mollys Back

5 thoughts on “Tied Up in Ribbons and Bows

  1. That looks amazing! So pretty!
    I would love to hear more about what I feels like, when he uses it and also about afterwards… Removing them etc. I’m fascinated by this. And of course, (coz I’m greedy), I want lots of details about the CMnf event itself!
    You lucky lady you!

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