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About a week ago this comment was left here in response to this image: Off the cuff. The marks across my bottom were made by a knife. Rather than answering in the comments I thought I would turn it into a post.

Screen cap of comments about knife play

The first indication that knives might be a thing for me came about at a play event we used to attend regularly. I sat and watched a female sadist use a variety of different knives on the back of her partner who was strapped to the St Andrews cross. I was utterly fascinated, enthralled and a little turned on. They looked so beautiful, they left gorgeous marks and the sounds her partner made as she drew, rosy red and in some patches, bloody lines, over his skin made me twitch. @domsigns watched me watching them and not long after that made his first knife purchase. The rest, as they say, is history.

So to your questions:

Knives are used in a variety of different ways such as cutting off my clothes, tearing holes in my stockings etc. Knives and wax play are like strawberries and cream, each lovely in their own right but together they are a perfect marriage. When the wax has set hard and tight on my skin he will use the knife to cut it off. It feels like he is scraping away layers of my skin as it tugs and pulls on the fine downy hair and when combined with a firm hand on the back of my neck holding me down and the growled command to stay very still there is that added little bit of apprehension about the whole thing that is just a huge turn on to me. He also uses the knife to mark me. Sometimes it will be part of other play and sometimes just knives and he will trace/cut patterns into my back and arse, including on one occasion his initials.  At times it is therapeutic, a sensation I can drift off into and other times it is more intense, one example is him using the knife to repeatedly scratch the skin in the inside of my thighs while I masturbated telling me he would only stop when I came. The struggle against the mounting heat and pain from the knife and my desire to come was really intense. I got there in the end but it did fuck with my head as my body struggled to find a place for both things at the same time. On another occasion he gave me the blade of the knife to bite down on while he flogged me with strict instructions not to drop it. By the end saliva was running down my chin and my jaw was on fire from biting down for so long but wow was it s huge turn on.

Sometimes he will press just hard enough to cause little droplets of blood to form along the lines but mainly it is surface scratching which leave fiery red welts. The pain depends on where in my body he uses it. My bum tends to be the least painful followed by my back but thighs are a really intense burn that I struggle to not pull away from.

I also love the way knives look, there is something about them that I find thrilling. They are one of those things that are clearly menacing, potentially dangerous even and yet those thing only seem to add to their beauty in my eyes.

There is always an element of fear play about knives. They are, and he will often demonstrate on bit of fruit etc just so I know it is not a bluff, genuinely sharpened to cut. When he says to stay still I know that he means it. He had held it to my throat while I sucked him off and pressed it to my breast while he has fucked me. All of which taps into my HUGE kink for consensual non consent.

With regards to questions and crossing the line. To the best of our knowledge there is no line, although I am sure someone is bound to find one at some point but we are always more than happy to answer questions. So if something we have written has you wanting to ask a question please feel free to, it might even get turned into a post like this one.



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this as it’s something I’m very curious to try but the OH is less keen. Maybe one day? It sounds amazing…

  2. Thank you, thank you! I’m so excited my curious nature turned into a post. ? I really appreciate your answers. Reading the detailed accounts has left me more than a little turned on. I’m not sure if I’d have the courage to ask for knife play but if the right partner brought it up I think I’m more willing to explore it. I didn’t realize until a play session about a year ago just how much tapping into a deep fear was a turn on for me. That should probably be something I post about.

    Your honestly and the way both of you aproach questions along with the answers and education is a gift to all of us! I can’t say thank you enough!!

    Aiden xoxo

  3. Loves knives, and thank you for describing your fascination and use of them!

  4. brantwijn Avatar

    Beautiful post. I’ve often wished to see such an open and candid discussion of knife play. Thank you for sharing!

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