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The Head of the Class

Me licking Molly for head

Off and on I have seen this issue rear its ugly head.

Dominants don’t do oral sex because it is a submissive act.

To me this statement shows a remarkable lack of imagination. How is using your mouth or any sexual act inherently submissive? If you are a Domme is having your sub fuck you submissive? How about anal? And for the male Doms, you can put anything in the whole wide world inside your sub except your tongue because why exactly?  Help me out here?

To me what makes an act submissive isn’t what body part you use but the intent in how you use it.

When I give Molly head I am not servicing her, I am still the one in control, still the one who decides if she gets to have an orgasm. My fingers leave bruises on her thighs as I hold her just where I want her to be, I bring her to the edge and back as my whim and mood takes me. Even in the way I tell her what is going to happen.

“I am going to lick your cunt”

I deliver that sentence with the same weight and meaning as

“I’m going to whip you”

“I’m going to cut you”

“I’m going to use you”

She is left with no doubt that this is for my pleasure. She will receive pleasure, but because it is what I want, and sometimes, if she promises that she will be a very good girl I might even indulge her. Because every now and again, a reward is in order.

My domination does not diminish in any way because I happen to like to give her head, anymore than it would if I gave her a strapon and told her to peg me. Dominance doesn’t rely on who is doing what to whom, it relies on who is in control, and that is ALWAYS me.

Just look at the picture for this post and tell me who you think is enjoying being at the head of the class.



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