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Ring-a-round the rosie



Tonight’s post was prompted by a casual conversation that Molly and I had just before dinner where I twisted what she had said to imply that she had called me an ass, while she tried to claim that was not the case I interrupted with “But it is a fine ass that many would like to touch, not that I let anyone.”

I do indeed enjoy many varieties of anal play. Molly owns many butt plugs and tails and her extensive collection of dildos often join in on the fun. I also, of course also have a part (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) to play in these activities.

But(t) when it comes right down to it, my ass is off limits.

Now you can touch it, stroke it and compliment me on my fine bum. But it is clearly labelled by its owner as “Exit Only” I have considered a tattoo on my lower back with those words just in case I am rendered unconscious and a random passerby decides a bit of anal just might do the trick to revive me.

Before you get all excited and say “But Michael, it is so delightful, you simply must try it” thereby making the incorrect assumption that I haven’t sampled the possibilities of backdoor delights. Well you would be quite mistaken, I most certainly have! Now I won’t claim to have sampled them all, but I have had my fair share of fingers thrust in the bottom of my bottom all it ever made me feel was… uncomfortable.

With one exception. I have discovered that a well placed, and gentle application of a warm, wet tongue can add a certain frisson to our trysting, albeit a  rare occurrence.

We have now reached the end of my tail, gotten to the bottom of things, so to speak, reached the end, as it were.

I hope I haven’t made an ass of myself.




One response to “Ring-a-round the rosie”

  1. You feel exactly the same about it as my husband does… exit only!

    Rebel xox

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