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I really detest “One Twue Way-ism, (even if it is my way) why would there only ever be one way? That assumes that we are all the same and that something that works for you must then work for me.

This leads to the horrific listicles found in magazines, both for men and for women. These attempt to define us all as a series of boxes to tick in order find true love, true happiness, true beauty and true sexual satisfaction.

Just a quick google search shows what I mean

Cosmo for You did it My way

If only life were that simple. But we are all varied creatures, a combination of our genetics and experiences that have made us into the people we are today, and the people we are yet to become. Now sadly if only I could say that Cosmo and their ilk were solely at fault, because they are, frankly, easy targets, but I can’t. From so many other sites like Fetlife and even blogs I see so much nonsense being offered as Gospel for the beginners/bored/rekindle your sexlifers.

Why do we need to reduce things to such a simple step by step level? The answer I fear is because we want things to be easy. Do step A+B+C and desired result follows. But since this is not car repair, or building a birdhouse things are not that straight forward, the one size fits all methodology just doesn’t work. Worse than that this passion for steps and programs has led to the rise of Pickup Artists. Ridiculous and horrible people who teach men that other people are not someone to get to know but a system to be gamed. They reduce women to nothing more than a commodity, a prize to be won and then cast aside because there is always a bigger and better jackpot. But like so many cults all they really do is leave a terrible wake of destruction and ruined people who are incapable of positive relationships.

As far as I am concerned there is only one twue way. That is the way that works for you and your partner/s

I will conclude my little rant with a modified method that I have adapted from the practical advice found on a bottle of shampoo.

Communicate, lather, rinse, repeat.


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