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We had a little fun today (I plan to have some more) playing with wax. Now since we are who we are, and since we are in a Poly relationship with Molly’s camera that entailed getting out the stands and backdrop, rearranging the dining room, and practice shots.

As much as I would like to claim that this is all Molly’s fault I have to take the blame for today since I had a series of pictures in mind. In fact I had had these pictures in mind since Kinkcraft came to our Xmas munch party and I spotted a  little silver jug wax play candle.

Being me of course it wasn’t enough to just light the candle and pour it the way it was intended, so I put a pot of water on the stove (Hob for the Brits) and heated the whole thing until all the wax was melted then fished the wick out. This way I could pour freely and avoid running out of wax to get the pictures I had in mind. I wanted to catch the actual stream pouring out and running down Molly’s body.

I think we captured the picture I had in mind.

Afterwards we took a great many other pictures that I am sure will be shared on one blog or another when the timing is right

We both like wax play very much, but I can only speak to what about it appeals to me. You can find some of Molly’s thoughts on her Christmas Candles post.

I like the gasps of breath, the way she squirms, the way she struggles to accept it, the way that in the end she finds that place in her head where she gives in and floats away. I love taking her to that place, and then, when I have decided that there has been enough we get to the part that I like best of all. The slow, steady, precise removal of all that I have just applied to her and it means I get to use a knife.

Using the knife means that everything slows down even more. She must remain perfectly still (and I have to constantly remind her of this) as the edge of the knife slides between the cooled wax and her hot body. It reveals the red marks that the heat has left on her skin and it makes that unique sound. The sound of the little hairs being cut as the razor sharp blade glides over her. This never fails to turn me on, and the noises she makes and the look in her eyes don’t hurt either.

Blue wax gif

It will be that tilt of her head, that look of lust and submission in her eyes that I will remember when I take her later this evening.


P.S. I plan to use our new video camera tonight as well. I think it will make for some interesting viewing later. After all, I have always said that she is my porn.


5 responses to “Waxing Lyrical”

  1. This made me sigh a big happy sigh! Knives aren’t something we’ve played with, since seeing some pretty, shiny knives it’s been a maybe for me but he’s always wrinkled his nose at the thought. However, last time we played with wax he grabbed one of those decorators palette knife thingys to scrape it off with so who knows where that could lead 😀

  2. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    Mmmm, wax. Mmmm, knives.

    Mmmm, wax and knives on Molly 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. Wax and knives… now there’s a nice combination! Love the top image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Very pretty. What a great way to adapt the pot for one long pour. Love the color too.

    1. I look forward to trying this again with a wax of my own formulation… she likes it hotter and this made an astounding mess 😀

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