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My Love, I need a picture

A picture of Molly walking in the Bluebells

Each and every day when I write these posts at some point I am going to utter those words. More often than not her response is “Is it a picture of the woods, bluebells or daffodils?” and it really never is. So I read her the words that I have written and she digs through her extensive library of pictures or takes a new picture if she doesn’t have anything to suit. I am lucky to have a talented woman with a penchant for taking amazing, and often naked, pictures.

Am I getting too Meta here? I am writing a post about what it takes to write a post about what it is to be part of This D/s Life. Probably, but that isn’t going to stop me.

Molly wrote yesterday that she has been feeling bad that she hasn’t contributed here as much as I have. I think she is wrong. We  have discussions everyday about what I am going to write for my post or even just on kink topics in general. I bounce ideas off of her (as well as bounce things off her backside) and often our discussions will spark the idea that inspires the insipid prose you find me writing here. That was really the point of this whole project, for us to talk about our life and our kink and to share it all with you and I think that so far we have done a pretty good job.

So I will look forward to seeing her contributions over the coming months, mostly because I think she is a far better writer than I am, but I think that she contributes here every single day already and that is fairly impressive when you look at all the other stuff she does already.

What I am looking  forward to today is what image she comes up with to help make me look good when I utter those fateful words that I am sure she has come to dread.

My Love, I need a picture


P.S. As you can see she has come through again and with a bluebell picture at that!

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