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Weekend Report

Weekend in lights

We went out this weekend, it is an event we attend as often as they have it. While we do play at home (not enough to suit either of us) there is something special about playing out. There is a atmosphere at this event that just works. It is exceedingly well run with a light buffet and then later, cake. Now these don’t sound like big things, but they make a difference, often when Molly and I play the scenes are around two hours long and we will usually play more than once, a bit to eat after that kind of strenuous exertion is really a big help for both me and her. I will confess that I do like sending her of with a well whipped bottom to get me a plate of just the things I like (cheese and onion and Coronation chicken sandwiches are on my hard list), and as this event emphasizes female submission I get an extra bit of thrill being waited on by my favorite sub. While I can’t have cake, Molly certainly can and our play is often wrapping up just as they bring out the cake and I use it as an enticement to get that last little bit more out of her. Nothing like the promise of cake and a cuppa to motivate Molly.

We attend two events at this venue. FemSubSocialClub and CMnf both run by the same lovely people. It isn’t easy to run an event but they hit every detail just right. Thoughtful things like like bowls of candy on the tables, wipes and towels by the play equipment, and oh, such good play equipment.

The venue is just perfect, a large lounge area just inside the front door and another off to the left with a fireplace in the center of that side. Walk around behind the fireplace and continue down the hall and you will find the restrooms and changing area and all the way down at the end a large room full of beds and the biggest hot tub I have ever seen in this country. If you choose not to turn and move straight ahead you will see the large wrap-around bar with plenty of sofas and then on to the main (for us at least) room. This is where we generally park ourselves.  A good view of all the naughtiness that is right near us.

We were running a tiny bit late (my fault, I pushed Molly down on the bed and fucked her before we left) and our friends were already in our usual spot. After a drink and a bit a chat I took Molly upstairs to one of the private rooms to finish getting her “dressed” for the event. You see I had been planning for this event for many weeks both with new pervertables and with a way to make my beautiful sub shine just a little bit more.

The pervertables were a lovely pair of bear claws for shredding pulled pork and the rest of her outfit was a string of battery powered led lights (fairy lights to the Brits) that she would wear stapled onto her back. They looked wonderful and set off her lovely backless dress (that made her boobs look great according to her, I always think her boobs look great but she says I am biased) and once she managed to endure the staples and some photos we returned downstairs where I took my well lit sub to her favorite bench and scratched her bottom with the bear claws and beat her with the lollipop (yes it will show up on the toy tour) until she couldn’t take anymore and then finished off with what I call the garden rake ( yes, that too). She was very concerned that she hadn’t been very good as it didn’t seem we had played very long so I took her hand and had her touch her bleeding bottom and she sighed that joyous little sigh that makes me so happy. She then perked right up and said “Oh and I had an orgasm”

We returned to the seating where all our friends were waiting having returned from their own play. I had my food and a drink and then went right back to the bench with my next willing victim. For her I had selected a wonderful poly-carbonate cane as she wanted a good all over beating but with minimal marking (for reasons) and proceeded to thrash her soundly. I did my follow up check in email today to make sure that she was doing well afterwards and my reviews were quite positive.

Once again back to the seating area and some chat and a bit of misery stick applications and then it was time to have yet another session with another wonderful and very lovely friend. She needed to be instructed to “Get your ass on that bench” since I think she might have been a bit nervous as this was the first time we had played together (and I think  her first flogging) and after some discussion about do’s and don’ts  we spent some time exploring the joys of our leather duster and the Moosehide Flogger you have already met. I think she really enjoyed it and I know that I was pleased that she trusted me enough to introduce her to some of my hitty things.

Sadly that was the end of our very lovely Sunday (well mostly) and we all exchanged hugs and handshakes and went our separate ways. I am a very lucky guy to have had the chance to play with such fun and amazing people and really that is how I always look at it. These people believe that I will do it right, and that is an honor and I am humbled that I have earned that respect from them.

I guess this post doesn’t really have a point, but damn, just trying to write it all out brings a big grin to my face.

That is my Weekend Report.



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