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The Orgasm Experiment

Wet clit for Orgasm Experiment

Molly has had a new task since last Friday. She is to make herself come every night before going to sleep. This is part of an ongoing discussion about needing permission to orgasm. She seems reluctant to ask so I decided that if I turned it around and required her to do it she might find it easier to ask in the future.

On the first night of this ongoing task she was surprised when I pushed my fingers inside her as she rubbed her clit.

“I never said I wouldn’t lend a hand”

Was my response to her quizzical look. That has mostly been the theme during the course of this experiment. Only once has she been left to her own devices. Usually I have joined in with a hand or a toy or even my cock after at least one orgasm if not two.

I don’t know if this experiment will lead to the desired outcome. I hope it does. I like that her orgasms belong to me. If I am honest I would have to say I would be very disappointed if she ever found this too restrictive. I know that it sounds odd to say that she has a voice in her submission, but she does, remember our motto “A relationship of equals with a negotiated inequality” and the negotiations never stop.

This experiment will not go on forever, she would quickly find that boring (and that is the kiss of death for Molly) but it will go on until I decide that it has either served its purpose or outlived its usefulness. Either way I think it has at least brought her daily orgasm quota closer to where she would like it to be and I am sure it has also inspired some dirty little fantasies too.

I always like to keep Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words in mind

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.


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