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Unconditional Love

Broken Cone for Unconditional Love, stupid

Today I nearly did something very fucking stupid. I am not talking slightly stupid, or a just a bit daft but seriously fucked up stupid. I don’t want to go into the details, that is not relevant, but what I did discover today was that I am the luckiest women on the planet because I am so deeply, passionately, unconditionally loved by a man who quite frankly deserves better than a crappy sub like me.

Sometimes I wonder why me, why love me, but then I realise why anyone? Why does anyone love a person? Is it really possible to put those feelings into words that  actually really and honest convey that? I think writers have been trying to do that since time immemorial and there are certainly words written that for many people come close and yet, somehow they still miss something. That little spark of magic that we have no actual words for but that we feel in the beat of our hearts, in the core of what we know about someone. And so why he loves me like he does or for that matter why I love him like I do, because just in case I have not made that clear, I love him so utterly completely too, does not really matter. It just is.

And from now on I shall make sure I steer well clear of the fucking stupid.


Ps…  please do not come asking us about details, you will not get them. Sometimes we don’t tell you everything.


Michael’s P.S. It is true that I love her madly and passionately and while she may not know why I love her, I most certainly do. She is smart, beautiful, funny, caring, kinky and best of all she seems to think I am pretty okay too. She is also not a crappy sub, she just sometimes needs reminding.



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