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Double take

Molly in glasses and cum for double take

Some days my life is just like anyone else. All the usual things that need to be done in a day. For us these last few weeks have been extra busy since the kids have been here for two weeks for Easter break. This has impacted our time to do the things we’d prefer to do when we find a few spare minutes in our day. But the Stepson was out for a few hours and I encouraged (told) the Stepdaughter to go out for while.

Molly had plans, I didn’t know what they were but it was intimated that I would enjoy them. Since I am in control, but not a control freak, Molly is allowed to have plans and even plans that I am unaware of. I like a good surprise from time to time.  This was indeed one of those times.

As the Stepdaughter set off on her roller skates into the semi clear day that is the best that England can do for Spring we sprang into action. Well, Molly sprang into action, I followed her sedately upstairs, most of my springing into action was used in my misspent youth.  Once I arrived upstairs I found that she had stripped down to nothing but a white button up shirt, and, of course, her glasses. You know how I feel about that, so when she knelt before me and unbuttoned my jeans I was rather pleased with my surprise.

So my own private librarian sucked me off.

But of course because I am in a poly relationship with Molly and the camera, there had to be pictures.

I am impressed that I managed to help at all, because Molly had me seeing double.


P.S. Unbeknownst to me while I have been writing this post, Molly has been writing the same post from her point of view. So it really is a double take.

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