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As the Spirit Moves You

naked in a church for sacred

I am not a spiritual man. I am in fact an Atheist, in spite of being raised Catholic (I have spent my life recovering) I was even asked by the Pastor of my church if I had considered the priesthood, I informed Father Bonowitz that I enjoyed the company of women too much to consider that.

I won’t bother to explain when or why I decided that the concept of god was absurd, suffice it to say that I have and let’s move on.

There is a growing movement for something known as sacred kink where the emotional states reached in a BDSM are equated to connecting with something more, something spiritual. I can see how some people make that connection. The intense sensations of play can put you in a head space where you might indeed think you have touched the divine. I certainly can’t claim that I know for sure that they aren’t right, but for me I think what we do is enough without dragging the supernatural into it.

For me the heady rush and rapture of BDSM play is enough on its own. It is indeed unlike anything else I have ever done. It has taken me to heights of ecstasy that I didn’t know existed all while bringing me closer to my sub.

But, I also would never dismiss the power that comes from transgression either. While I am no longer a believer there is power in the ritual that come with religious trappings. Something that makes corrupting those sacred things just that little bit kinkier and while I don’t own what Molly calls a dog collar (clerical collar for the murricans) I do have a black shirt that would lend itself very well to that and of course I do have my own personal sinner to apply penance too.

Hmm I think you will have to excuse me while I go and find something a little something to put in the confession box.


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