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On the Good Ship Lollipop

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Molly likes to buy me gifts, and often they are kinky gifts and to be honest I can’t think of one that I haven’t enjoyed.

I can think of a few that she has enjoyed less than I do. This would be one of those.


Materials: Corian and Stainless Steel

Handle Length: 13cm

Overall Length: 45cm

Impact Disc: 5cm

Weight: 150 grams

I know why she hates it. It delivers a significant sting when the flat disc makes contact with her skin and she is rarely a fan of sting (Not the guy from the Police, she loves him) and much prefers thud. This can also  deliver an impact that she does like by using the edge of the disc and not the flat side. I like that there are options in how I deliver the impact and I will often use it the way she likes for quite a while and then with a flick of the wrist deliver a hit that makes her jump and squeal and that makes me grin. After all it wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t mix a bit of surprise into a session.

The Lollipop is an appropriate name. It looks sweet and innocent. You couldn’t imagine that it could be painful at all, but in the right hands it can leave such lovely marks, and we all know how Molly feels about the marks.  Of course we also know how she feels about what she has to do to get them.

So this brings us to a close on this stop on the Toy Tour and while Shirley Temple may have had a cute song and dance, this Lollipop has a much greater bite.


Note by Molly… I was so happy when I managed to purchase this unusual gift as it involved getting it from the USA which with posting and customs is not an easy task but I was not to be defeated and managed it anyway. It is a beautiful looking thing, I will grant it that, but I really had no idea when I purchased it just how much I would loath the damn thing. However even if I had known that I would still have bought it because the look on his face when he gets it out the bag makes it worth every time.

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