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The Huntsman

Molly in the wood for the Huntsman

Molly and I share a fantasy, I think we might have slightly different versions of how this vision plays out but I think that it ends with us each getting what we want.

It is a warm, moonlit summers night. We are deep in the woods, alone, save for the wildlife. The rules are simple. She gets a five minute head start. Just that long to run and hide until I start off in pursuit.

Now she believes that she will be able to escape, that with time and terrain she can hide herself away so that I can’t find her. She is, of course, mistaken. I am very good in the woods, I have had a lifetime of camping and exploring and hiking in the deep woods to back me up on this. I don’t think she has camped even once.

So I will give her her head start and I will track her down.  I will hunt her, god even saying it makes we want to chase her around the house right now. But I will wait until we have the chance to set this up. Until we can do this right

But I will catch her. Tear her clothes off and fuck her in the dirt, take her in the way she so desperately wants. Once we are done I may even put a rope on her and lead her home naked, filthy with my cum running down her leg. A Huntsman returning with his captured prey.

Since this is England I will not have her tied to the hood of my pickup truck, in fact really I could go full English and set it all up as a fox hunt (she already has the tail) complete with baying hounds.

Nah. I like my version better, and I know she will too.

To the hunt!


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