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A Brush with Disaster

Dear Sir

I am sorry about the hairbrush. I know I am not supposed to leave it on the bed and overall I have been good at following those rules but every now and then I slip up and leave it there. It usually when I am tired and or in a hurry but that it not an excuse merely an explanation. I promise to try harder to remember to put it away.

I am also sorry that I have yet to bring you the mean horrible punishment brush to use on me for this errors. I really do want to but I hate that thing so much that the honest truth is I am struggling to pluck up the courage to face the damn thing. However, I have decided that putting it off it not going to make it go away and so tomorrow while the beasts are at school it is time to face the music and take my punishment. I hope this post will count as me bring the brush to you.

Your crappy sub


My Dearest Love,

I am glad that you have decided to face your fears and take your punishment. You know it will be okay and that it is always bigger in your head than it is really. I don’t do this to be mean (even though you think I am mean) I do this to help you to be a better person and sub. Well that and to keep the hairbrush off my side of the bed at night. I love you very much and with sufficient applications of brush I think you can be a better sub*



*not  ever crappy


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