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Lie, Damn Lies, and Statistics



So today is day 122 of This D/s Life. One third of the way through the year and I thought I would relay some statistics about the site so far this year.

Total Pageviews to Date:

Which is about 231 views a day. Which should not be confused with unique visitors, there have been 8224 of you who made up those pageviews, so on average you each looked at 3.5 posts apiece. Since there are 122 total posts you really need to read all the rest, you slackers! The most pageviews in a single day was 1080, I will tell you which post soon enough. So a little bit of patience please

Most and least popular posts by page views

1. Check Please
2. No Man Will Marry a Slut
3. Exclusive starts with Exclude
4. Dinner, and a Show
5. Bang it out

118. Necessary Evil
119. Your Consent is Not Required
120. The Food of Love
121. Ship of Fools
122. Watching You

Top Referrers

1. Twitter stomps everything else with 7005 to date, I love you, you kooky kids
2. Molly’s Daily Kiss You show me such great support my love.
3. Search Engines (Yay for those that visit from duck, duck, go)
4. Collared Mom
5. And really weirdly Facebook. Obviously a few kinky people on that site.

A special mention to my most unique referrer Living A Simple Life In Texas A blog that combines many unique interests including D/s and Cross stitch, which just tickles me to no end. How on earth did you folks find me? Th

Comments and Commenters

The are a total of 424 comments.  Here are the top commenters (go me :P) Comment statistics
The most commented post is No Man Will Marry a Slut

My most repeated spam comment is that my site needs more fresh content (I am sorry if my content is stale dear reader) and that they can help fix it with a simple google search.


There are 53 of you and that is fairly stunning because I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read this blog more than once, although there is one subscriber who has unsubscribed and re-subscribed multiple times, this is perplexing behavior.


I could go on quoting statistics to you until this was more boring than my usual posts but I will stop now and talk about what it has been like for me. I have never written as many posts as I have for This D/s Life. It has been a unique experience for me to do this much writing over such an extended period of time. As with anything else, there are days when the words and ideas flow easily and days when it is like pulling teeth, but it hasn’t gotten to the point when I don’t have anything to say at all. When it has been close I have been lucky to have Molly to step in and write a post. So far I have been personally pleased with the posts. I feel they say something about me and about us, and I know that for some that will certainly change the opinion that people have about me and by extension us. But I don’t mind, I think it is worthwhile for us to be direct and open about who and what we are and if that causes people to think less of me, well, I don’t mind. It is better, I think, to understand the truth of us than to believe some online fiction. I look forward to completing this challenge and perhaps writing on beyond this year. I don’t know if I will be able to keep the pace of a post of day after a year, but I know that if it feels as worthwhile as it does right now I will certainly try.

I hope that some of you will stick around to see how these statistics change over time.


Note by Molly…. I have not written as much content as I would like here but in my defense I do bash out rather a lot on my main site. I continue to resolve to do better though. However for me this blog is a wonderful thing. The conversations we have had as a result of his desire to write have been amazing. Not that we did not communicate openly before but it has certainly lead to us delving much deeper into some topics and at times has been a revelation for both us. So I am glad there are readers of his work, I think he is a good writer and I think there is a shortage of male dom types writing but even if there were no other readers there would always be one, and not to sound to dismissive of you lot, but she might be the most important reader of all.


9 responses to “Lie, Damn Lies, and Statistics”

  1. I have read every post that you have made so far and I for one am defintely enjoying your writings. I am looking forward to reading all the rest!

    Velvet x

  2. Hope Always Avatar
    Hope Always

    I also read every day, I know I should comment more often….but you have usual said it all and there is not much to add. That and off the cuff words and I don’t get on very well. 🙂
    Although I will set my self the challenge of revisiting some of the toy bag tour posts as I mentioned I would sometime ago.

    1. SilverEagle Avatar

      Toy bag tour posts? Where might I find those?

      1. I am so glad you asked. If I have done my job right all the posts can be found under Toy Tour There are a few, but there should be many more in the days to come. If you would like to see some type of toy I haven’t written about yet, please just let me know 🙂


  3. Curvaceous Dee Avatar
    Curvaceous Dee

    I have this site on my RSS feed, and yes, I read every post (even if I only comment sporadically). I really like the contrast between your and Molly’s writings 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. Yep this is in my RSS feed as well. Great stuff and always fascinating to see what you are thinking about.

  5. Amethyst Rose Sullivan Avatar
    Amethyst Rose Sullivan

    Love your blog!! Look forward to it everyday! You and Molly give me hope that D/s relationships like yours are possible.

  6. Rose Bliss Avatar
    Rose Bliss

    Wow.. I made the list!! I’m so psyched!!

    And I’m also one of those who reads everything both you and Molly write. It really is one of the highlights of my day!!


  7. As you know I refuse to go to sleep until I’ve had my bedtime story and I’m so excited I made it onto top commentators list but seeing as I’m not at the top I need to up my game a bit.

    I go through phases of paying attention to my stats, seeing as they seem to be dwindling instead of increasing I will chose to ignore them again and focus on the fact I mainly write for me and if anyone else enjoys it along the way then that’s a bonus!

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