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Easy Like Thursday Morning

Molly naked in bed for morning sex

She woke me up last night. Not intentionally mind you. She was having a bad dream and she was talking in her sleep. She was tossing and turning and obviously upset, so I held her and spoke soothing words and told her everything was fine and eventually she settled down except for one final word, and the only clearly spoken word of the late night/early morning. That momentous word was “coffee”

Once she was settled, I was wide awake so I picked up my phone and did some beta reading for a while and then I did a little porn surfing, because well, I wasn’t quite ready to fall asleep. Unsurprisingly watching porn had an effect on Bob Jr and soon I had a small problem on my hands.

Luckily I own a rather lovely submissive for just these type of situations and since she had woken me up I decided turn about was fair play. So I positioned her in just the way I wanted and proceeded to have myself a nice relaxing early morning fuck.

It is moments like this when I know just how lucky I am to have found not only an amazing wife, but also a most excellent submissive and that many people live their whole lives never knowing the joy of two people so wonderfully matched. It isn’t always (as Molly says) Roses round the door, but you know what? It is pretty fucking amazing and it is moments like being horny at 3:35 AM and knowing that you don’t need to look any further than the sexy woman next to you that really hit home.

I’d have to say that this D/s thing really has its perks. What do you think?


P.S. My proof reader was concerned that you might think that my problem was too small to wake Molly, rest assured that this was not the case, she woke, and was most accommodating.

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