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Caged Heat

Picture of Molly in a cage

We have a fair amount of kit, (as the Eroticon attendees can attest) some you have seen on posts here and the next Toy Tour™ item will be a bit more of a substantial item than the things than I have shown in the past. But there is one item that we don’t own that I think would be excellent.

I want a cage. This is something that we discovered along the way. We, and another couple had chipped into to rent a photo studio that had BDSM equipment for the day. It was a nice setup with some interesting things and to be fair we were there for Molly to get pictures as much as anything else. So we whiled the day away, alternating between playing and taking pictures, and near the end of our time I decided that Molly should try out the cage.

Now she had been in a cage before, for her birthday, she wrote about it in “I know why the caged bird sings“but there was something different about it this time. Her reaction to crawling inside and watching the door close made her start the slide towards subspace and by the time I snapped the lock closed I could tell that she was already gone. We spent some time taking pictures but we sadly had to depart.

On the ride home I asked her what was different about being in the cage and she had a hard time pinpointing the difference, but she knew she liked it. Our usual club (which was fabulous for may reasons) had closed down to make way for yet another housing development and we had to find a new spot and after a search on Fetlife we had found a new place to play out. This place has some great gear (but a lack of good heating so we only visited in the warmer months) with some truly unique pieces. Two (you only get to hear about one today) were of special interest. One was a spherical cage that could be hoisted off the floor, this inspired many ideas and so I coaxed a very nervous Molly (she doesn’t like heights) into the bottom half and lowered the top of the cage into place. After tightening the bolts holding the joined halves together I used the hoist to raise her up about four foot off the floor. After a bit of poking, prodding and tenderizing her I presented her with one of her glass dildos that we had brought.

“Make yourself come, so that everyone can see”

And my good girl did.

I will write more about cages and the adventures that we have had and the fantasies that surround them, but for now I will leave you with the image of Molly in a cage.







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