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Garden Rake

Time for another stop on on the Toy Tour™ Today I would like to introduce you to the “Garden Rake’

We bought this item at the London Fetish Fair (now sadly defunct) a few years ago. Now the fine folks at TrussedUk don’t call it that, they call it the Hawk and I guess I can see why, but then knowing something, or someones actual name has never stopped me before, so why should I start now.

Usually at this point in the post I have listed the specification of the item in both US and Metric and maybe even cubits if I am feeling particularly Puckish. But I figure most of you have clicked on the link and gotten lost in all the cool and different items that they have for your perverted pleasure.

I will instead talk about all the very different ways I have found to use this cool, stainless steel beauty. There is the obvious use of light sensation play. Dragging the tines lightly across her skin makes her shiver, and more pressure and they start to scratch and with even more pressure they will start to cut into her flesh drawing beads of blood from her.

That is not the only way I use the rake, the thick handle is excellent for impact, I have left some very impressive bruises on her bottom simply by flipping it around. And then one of her favorites spanking her bottom with the surprisingly sharp points. Now I think that we were early purchasers of this item, because others who have bought them after us have noticed that ours seems to be much sharper than theirs. But,  I wouldn’t have ours any different.

I enjoy all the items that we keep in our kit bag, that is why we have them in the bag. We have made purchases that have turned out to be duds and they end up in storage. The rake is a piece that always goes with us when we head out to play because I want it close to hand when the moment is right.

After all, I find that it is always best to be prepared for a bit of spontaneous gardening.



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