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Oh, we are such geeks

Computer and a dildo for technology

Technology has a special place in my heart, not just because I am a geek, but because without technology Molly and I would not be together, we might not have even ever met.

Even this post, which I am writing on my phone while out to to dinner with the in-laws is only possible because of the advances in mobile tech that were unthinkable even five years ago.

Every day at home we sit side by side and use a variety of technologies to message each other, sometimes to communicate without the children being aware and sometimes to flirt with each other on twitter because public teasing is so much fun. We started as a connected couple and we really have no plans to stop. Not to mention that some of you dirty perverts have given me great ideas.

The use of technology in our D/s life is much more limited. Molly is not a huge vibrator fan (save for a select few like the Doxy) and all the rest of our kit is very manually powered. There are a few items that are a bit more tech enabled like a fucking machine or a sybian (if you want to send either of these things our way, they will be gratefully accepted) that might increase our use of tech in the bedroom.

I do pay close attention to developments in tech and I am interested in the VR porn and I think once that haptics become more advanced that might have an interesting effect on human interactions and relationships.

So what about you, has tech had an impact on your sex life? Has it been a plus or a distraction? Do you believe that porn (and the internet ) has caused addiction or reduced sexual assaults?

I have my own opinions and there will be future posts on those topic, but let me know your opinions in the comments.


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