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naked Molly

This Sunday we are heading off to a Clothed Male/naked female event that we attend on a regular basis. They are held 2/3 times a year at a venue that we absolutely love. The people there are always lovely, the play equipment is excellent, there is plenty of space for everyone and you even get a lovely afternoon buffet followed by yummy yummy cake. There is something wonderful about cake after you have had a damn good beating.

The rules of the event are pretty straight forward, men are to be dressed (in suits which drives Michael nuts but he does it for me and because we like the event) and the ladies are naked. You can wear, and I use that term in its loosest sense, minimal clothing such as an underbust corset, something on your top half only so your bits are exposed or crotchless panties but nothing on top. For the most part the ladies are pretty naked, with some minor variations but the people who go enjoy the dynamic of the event and so enter into the spirit of it.

I am not sure how many times we have been to this event, but it must be over 6 times so it is definitely not new to me and yet every time I get ridiculously nervous about it. I am more than happy to take my clothes off when I take my pictures but the idea of spending the whole afternoon and evening completely naked with all those other people, some of whom are my close friends, always sends a shiver of apprehension and self doubt about my body through my mind. I think on every single drive to this event I have said to him

“Who’s stupid idea was it to come this event?”

and he always replies


At which I humph and sigh, because annoyingly he is right. It was my idea, and he even puts the dreaded suit on so we can go and yet despite all that the nerves always build up during the week running up to the event and I have to work at squashing them down and focusing on all the fun we have there instead. The odd thing is though, I don’t ever feel particularly sexy at that event. I like the tension of the dynamic and it definitely taps into my submissive kink but I feel a great deal more sexy in fabulous lingerie, or a seriously sexy dress, than I do completely starkers. It is something we have talked about between us but to be honest I have no real answers to why this is and in an a way it is a credit to the event and the people who run it because they are created an environment where sitting round in your birthday suit with a lot of other woman doing the same feels completely natural and relaxing, rather than highly charged and overtly sexual. It is a strange dichotomy but I don’t love the event any less because of it… and I will continue to be nervous about the thought of it, right up until the moment we get there and I remember that I can do this and enjoy myself.


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