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It is Sunday and Molly had me put up the backdrop for pictures and so you are treated to yet another stop on the Toy Tour™
Today we are going to visit with one of our more unusual items; The Cilice. For you folks that have read The Davinci Code you might remember how the Opus Dei members wore them to suffer for god. I have copied the dictionary definition below.
 noun: cilice; plural noun: cilices
        a spiked garter or other device worn by penitents and ascetics.

Now I am only a minor deity and certainly no god, but I do like to make Molly suffer and this can be just the thing for those short jaunts out in public. You know, a little visit to the corner store wearing this can really brighten up a dull trip.

Molly wearing her Cilice

As you can see it doesn’t really break the skin, the points aren’t sharp enough for that. But according to Molly they feel like they could break the skin and leave marks surprisingly quickly. Sadly these are something that Molly can’t manage for long periods of time. On her thigh they tend to start to slip down after a while. I have found that they can also go across her bottom and stay there much more securely, then there is just the small issue of sitting down. But then that isn’t really my problem, now is it?

We have had our Cilice for a few years now and I don’t think we use it as much as we should. I shall have to put my mind to find some other suitable way to work it into our play.

For tonight I have promised Molly some sexing. But I think the sexing needs to start with something pointy. Fetch me the vampire gloves my love. Time to turn us both on.


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