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M tattoo

Molly has several tattoos and in one way or another they all connected to our D/s relationship. The first tattoo was applied on her first trip to Philadelphia. We had been discussing the design online for month and decided on a letter M that has many meanings, M for Molly, M for Michael, M for Mine and M for Mother. She was a bit nervous since this was her first tattoo and got a bit lightheaded a few minutes in. But once she was done she couldn’t wait for the bandage to come off so she could spend time looking at it in the mirror, and a bit of poking at the sore bit of her back.

Then, not long after we were married she had an idea for a matching set of tattoos (I will wait while you go and get a bucket) a key for my wrist and a lock for hers. Not only that but it had to be on my left wrist and she had to have hers on her right so that they would align when we held hands (still got that bucket?) all of this only works because Molly only holds my left hand because “Anything else feels weird, and is wrong”

Lock and Key Wrist Tattoo image

Her latest tattoo was done a few summers ago when we returned to Philly. This time on her left bicep, a crescent moon with the letter K worked into it, surrounded by stars. The K stands for my surname (yeah, they really do talk like that here) turning ‘the night’ into Knight. This tattoo was done by a lovely lady who graciously granted Molly’s request for a scavenger hunt location. I also think that if Molly had her way Tina would be her soulmate/soletattooist.

All of her permanent marks are about us and our lives. The things we have shared and the things yet to come. I know that neither of us are done with our ink. I also know that we will continue to annotate our flesh with the signs of love, life and D/s.



For those that are too young to get the title I leave this link which will clear absolutely nothing up.

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