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Time waits for no one

Wawa sleeping he has time

Damn, have we been busy. We always have a lot going on. Two teenagers for Molly to haul hither and yon. Two cats to look after, one who got shut in a neighbors shed for a day and a bit causing us no end of stress. Molly has her 365 project, her Sinful Sunday project, her main blog and a few others that need attention. We both run Elust and I write this blog (mostly). Oh, and we are now running Eroticon. We have family and friends all around the world to stay connected with and I have to do client work (let me know if I can do any for you) and all the household chores not to mention that Molly goes to the gym and has to get out for walks to take her pictures. I have no idea how we manage it all!

And let’s not forget about sex and D/s… Oh crap, hang on a second, I have baking to get out of the oven.

Okay, as I was saying, sex and D/s, sometimes in the hectic lives we lead we can look up and say. “Hey, do you know we haven’t had sex since Sunday?” This is usually Molly, she is a very horny girl and if it gets too long she isn’t afraid to let me know. It is good for us to be aware, because if we weren’t we could find that a much longer time had gone by and that would not be good for either of us personally or for us a couple.

So the next two weeks we are going to pick up the slack as it were, and I am going to attempt to give her as many orgasms as possible. Because the kids are away with their dad. The cats are being a PITA but not lost. Eroticon 2017 is launched and everything else will just need to wait a tiny little bit.

So excuse me while I take my love by the hand and lead her out into the back yard, bend her over the trampoline, pull down her black jogging shorts and fuck her like she belongs to me. Because time really waits for no one.

You all have a good weekend too.


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