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I would do it all again

Us kissing at our wedding, time flies

Us kissing at our wedding, time flies

Time is a funny thing. When Molly and I were LDR it seemed to creep so slowly. Days felt like weeks, weeks like months. Our visits were as frequent as we could make them and always amazing but during those moments time seemed to fly.

We have been married five years today. It has been glorious, that isn’t to say we haven’t had our troubles but they have been far outweighed by the laughter and joy and just sheer wonderfulness of spending our time together. That is the trouble I think, that it is so easy and great to be together. That is what makes the time seem to pass in the blink of an eye.

It doesn’t feel like five years, it feels like five adventure packed minutes. I sometimes wish there was a way to capture and savor it, or better yet just do it all again. But then I think maybe it might lose its charm. So instead I will look ahead with you my love, to the adventures yet to come.  The crazy trips and the way we manage to make the most mundane tasks full of silliness and joy.

That is what makes us a great team, the way that we dive into life and make the crap things the fun things. I know that the next five years will rocket by just like the last five have, and that will be just fine, we will fill every last minute with love and excitement, even it we are spending those minutes elbowing people out of the way at Tesco.

So are you ready for what comes next? I know I am. I can’t promise perfection. But I can promise Blondies with vanilla ice cream and homemade experimental Dulce de Leche, and a bit of hot sex and D/s

Does that sound like a good deal?

Happy fifth anniversary my love, let’s see what comes next.


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