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Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

My hand up her skirt for time

My hand up her skirt for time

Molly is not a woman who orgasms at the drop of a hat. It almost always involves her rubbing her clit while other activities take place. It requires a specific finger and her special fingernail. It can’t be too moist or there isn’t enough friction for the magical event to take place. It took her a while to learn just the right combination of things to make it work. This often means that she will A) orgasm first, or B) we will have a follow up encounter if I just can’t hold back any longer (Hey, she is a very sexy woman and I am not made of stone) and I will lend a hand (or dildo) so that she gets her orgasm too.

Something else that might be germane to this discussion is that Molly is a worrier. She worries that it takes too long for her to orgasm and that I will get bored. Yeah, that makes me laugh too. Let’s see how horrible this is for me. I get to take my time enjoying a sexy, naked woman until she comes under my touch. You can see the horror that I have to live with right?

I will say it right here and now so that there is no confusion. I don’t care how long it takes, I love making her come, whether it is easy or difficult, if it takes two minutes or two hours or two weeks. I love being part of her orgasm just as she is always part of mine. I get to spend the rest of my life exploring her body and mind and that makes me a very happy and lucky man.

So my love, enough of the crazy talk okay? Lets just concentrate on making those orgasms great and I will do that thing with two fingers on your G-spot that you love so much.



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