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A picture of a cactus with the words sin and BDSM on it for bedroom

A picture of a cactus with the words sin and BDSM on it for bedroom

Many (ok, just the lovely @euclideanpoint)have inquired as to typical sex for us and I thought it would be good to describe a simple, no frills sexual encounter.

  1. Change over the bedroom into full BDSM mode. Attach the ceiling hooks, change to the black satin sheets that offer no purchase when you are trying to gain thrusting traction, and finally set up the 360 degree camera rig.
  2. Molly begins her required pre sex begging ritual and modeling of the costumes fashion show while I sip a tumbler of fine cognac in my comfy leather high back chair in my velvet smoking jacket.
  3. After the sex theme has been decided on by checking it is compatible with the BDSM handbook I change into my bespoke leather bankers suit (hence part of the aforementioned traction issue) and attach her leash for the ritual crawl up the stairs to the bedroom which includes her thanking me for the sex that is about to happen which is repeated on each step. If she skips a step I make her crawl back down the stairs and start again.
  4. Once we reach the bedroom she must undress me using only her teeth and her toes while I lie back and think of England.

Or maybe not. Yes we are always D/s, but that doesn’t mean that it always Pomp and Circumstance. Sure sometimes we break out the bondage bench and sure sometimes there are whips and floggers. But not always, this morning it was putting her hand on my cock while I looked at Tumblr porn which turned into a morning fuck. Was it vanilla, well no, it still contained our dynamic and so it wasn’t “vanilla”, it can’t ever be vanilla by the simple fact that we are D/s even when she tries to wriggle out of her punishments

To an uninformed observer it might look like vanilla, but the if you are watching that automatically makes it kinky.

Any volunteers?


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