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So Tell Me Who Are You



Who am I, what is my identity? I am pretty damn open about a lot of my life. My name, what part of the world I live in, but is that the sum of who I am?

How do you imagine me, imagine my life? Have I left you a true impression of me with the words and images from this blog? I have no idea. I hope so, I have tried to give you a glimpse into our lives and into my thoughts. But to be honest don’t we all try to make ourselves look attractive to the world?

My identity it seems to me isn’t just the things I show the world about myself but it is all of those things plus the things I don’t put out there. I have said repeatedly that I am not perfect or the best and I stand by that. No one is the best there is always someone better and even if you are the best right now it will not stay that way for ever because the next big thing is coming up behind you.

I am Dom, this is not a title, but a relationship and sexual preference and need for me. But that is not all that I am. I am kind, if help is required I will do all that I can. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. I am liberal and a reader and a tech geek and a reader, and a, and a, and a.

I could carry on about what I am and am not and I am not sure you would be any closer to my identity. I’m pretty damn sure I could write for days and still not list all the things that make me, well, me. Even Molly who has spent almost every moment of the last seven years with me couldn’t list everything or even know everything that sums me up.

Not to mention that we all change over time. There is no way to stop that. But the one thing I can tell you for sure that if you know me online and then meet me in real life you will find that I am just like me here, except that I might be a bit sillier.

Love me, hate me, feel ambivalent about me.

My identity is a combination of what I present, and what you perceive.




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