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Back to the drawing board

Molly naked against the wall with her back to the camera

Molly naked against the wall with her back to the camera

Molly has a beautiful back. A lovely canvas that inspires so many possibilities. Do I use the cups, do I use a knife or one of our many other sharp implements? Do I get out the wax play candles? There really is a whole world of possibilities.

I just wrote about cupping the other day, they are very low effort for me, but the winces and noises she makes are truly an excellent reason to get them out, and the way she stands in front of the mirror twisting and turning to see the lovely round bruises always is a pleasure to watch.

I really like to mark her back, it calls to me to slide a blade slowly and carefully down the length of her. Tracing every curve and contour, leaving a thin white line that quickly turns an angry shade of red.

Oh wax play, ahh that is another game I enjoy. We have a variety of candle from just a little pinch of warm to something just a tiny bit this side of raise a blister hot. We used wax to play one of my all time favorite games “Ready, Steady, Pizza

And of course I can always double my pleasure (and hers) by using the knife to slice the wax from her body. She always shivers when I cut the wax away and I must remind her to be very still or she might lose a bit more than the wax.

Molly does not seem to like impact play on her back unlike some others I stunt arm for, but that is just fine, I am happy to smack that ass and mark that back in whatever way works for the both of us.

You know, writing this about her back makes me yearn for some kid and work free time to practice a new technique for marking her back that we have only have limited practice with. I might have just managed to inspire myself.

Are you ready for that my love?


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