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All in a days work

Molly sleeping for all in a days work

Molly sleeping for all in a days work

I have spent most of this week battling with an Apple PC, now I am not going to rant about how much I dislike these things because that is what Twitter is for. I am just trying to help out the parent of the stepdaughters best friend.

It has been a long arduous battle trying to fix the damn thing, a beer got spilled on it and completely trashed the hard drive. I have had to learn how to get the bastard thing apart and make sure not to make anything worse.

It made me think about doing the hard work. At any time I could have just put the damn thing back together and just told them they were going to have to buy something new. But I know they are strapped for cash and I really want to make it all work.

It is the same thing with relationships. There are a thousand frustrating little details that make life a pain in the ass. But you just can’t surrender, you have to remember all the things about life that make all worthwhile. The snuggles at bedtime, and again in the morning. The taste of her lips, and well, frankly the taste of every part of her. This list could go on forever to be honest and I am sure you are all very tired of hearing about how amazingly wonderful she is.

But she can be hard work, and you know what? So can I.  I know it is hard to believe but it is true. My personal sense of humor is amusing to others in short bursts but over five years always being difficult about folding the duvet (comforter to the murricans) surely must weary her.

But it seems that still she loves my company and that is a special thing.

Now I don’t want you think that I am comparing our relationship to a broken iCult product. It isn’t like that at all. I am just saying that even though one or the other of us might be hard work from time to time. It is work that pays off in the best way possible, like when she writes posts like this.

Time to go to bed my love, where I will fall asleep before you are ready, cutting short the “pussy tickles” you love so much. But there will be more in the morning I promise.


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