a bare tree for decisions

If you choose not to decide



Some decisions are easy to make, sometimes not so much.

We have have to make a million decisions a day, about so many different things. What to have for dinner, should I do the laundry now or later, can the stepdaughter go to a sleep over. Molly also has to make other decisions outside of the ones we make together. She has so many different projects going on all at the same time. Frankly it gets quite exhausting.

The thing is that you have to try to make the best choices each and every time because sometimes things that seem like they are going to be minor suddenly turn into something major when it turns out the information you were using was wrong.

It is a lot to keep up with and when you make decisions you know that each and every one of them come with consequences. But you have to choose, doing nothing in life is just not an option. So you do your best and hope for the best. If you choose wrong you have to fix it the best you can. Life doesn’t offer us a third choice.

This has an even greater impact in that Molly has chosen to let me make some decisions for her. I say some because we are D/s and not M/s and do not practice TPE (total power exchange) she has to trust that when we play I will make considered decisions about what implements we play with, how to use them and most importantly if she is in the right place both mentally and physically to receive what is going to happen.

If I get that wrong I could do terrible damage to someone I love with all my heart and I do not take that trust and responsibility lightly. Time and constant communication help build that trust, but I don’t take it for granted. It would be far to easy to become overconfident and miss something important.I will make mistakes, we all do. All we can to is try to make the best choices we can to not fuck everything up.

I never want that to happen.

Not in life, or in D/s.



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