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Separate but Equal

buses for a post about being separate

buses for a post about being separate

If you have read much of this blog you will know that there was a time when Molly and I were separate.

We only were in each others actual presence for what amounted to just over a month in the nearly two years we were together before I came to the UK. And yet while physically separated, we were not emotionally separated. That is important. Both of us have been in relationships Where we were physically with our partners, but they might as well have been across an ocean.

I know that is an easy trap to fall into. You end up having less and less to say to each other as time goes by until you are sitting in a room with someone you don’t know at all. It happens all the time and it isn’t usually one persons fault (sometimes it is) but what is important is that you learn from that experience to avoid making the same mistake again. That wall you build made of silence.

Now I am not saying that silence is always bad, why right now Molly and I are sitting in what I like to call a “comfortable silence” She is commenting on Wicked Wednesday posts while I write mine. She will reach out and touch me from time to time while I write to just say that she is here with me without saying a word. And I will do the same.

It is the little affirmations of affection that keeps us connected, that and the ability to just be silly and have fun when we need that. And since we now have two teens we really do need that. So I will do the things that need doing to make sure we don’t drift away from each other because what we have means far to much to me to ever want anything in my life that doesn’t include her.

Not to mention I am way too old to start over again.

So until you push me in front of that bus, I am afraid you are stuck with me my love.



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