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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Molly looking scary for vampire

Molly looking scary for vampire

There are myths that humanity has passed down through the ages and the myth of the vampire is one of these. We find the boundary between life and death fascinating. The vampire lives outside that boundary, neither alive or dead and that is powerful. That they need human blood to survive just add to that mythos. While they are not alive, they need us to live.

There is something that attracts people to that power that darkness that comes from feeding off of another. Even if you don’t need to drink blood to live you can feed on the emotions of another. The vampire myth wraps that all up with the ability to control, to use that all, to appeal to the human attraction to dark and sinister things.

For many, I think, that is part of the appeal. To surrender, but unwillingly, to give into that desire, but because there was no choice. You were made too. There is a freedom in that, to be able to give in without any shame, it absolves you of fault while maybe fulfilling a secret fantasy.

Then there is the blood itself. Even without vampires blood is powerful. Bleeding proves you are alive in so many ways, menstrual blood is the proof you can create life and I often say that if you are fixing something and you haven’t bled on it, then you haven’t really fixed it.

For myself what gets me off is Molly’s reaction to the blood. Her eyes get glazed and distant and she can’t stop looking at it. It is a moment when our D/s comes completely into focus. I feel powerful that I have taken her to that place and she feel powerful having been strong enough to get there.

The blood doesn’t feed our bodies.

But it does feed our needs.


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