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Shoot for the moon

I know I haven’t written much about our D/s, but wow has life been busy. It’s half term (one of the many breaks in the English school schedule) and so the kids have been around. This requires poor Molly to have to run them hither and yon to various engagement with their friends. Oh, and on top of all the other things we do we have been continually working on Eroticon.

You would think since we have been helping with this event since its inception that it would be simple, hire a venue, get some speakers lined up and Bob’s your uncle. There are so many details beyond what I have listed that it would boggle your mind. I am sure that after we have the first one under our belt it will be much simpler.

Now I am not doing this on my own of course, There are  two talented women doing the bulk of the work. But that adds its own challenges. The brilliant GotN is the eternal optimist who says “We can have the moon!” and on the other hand we have the excellent Molly who says “The moon is going to crush us!”

Somehow I have to end up being the voice of moderation. Me. But in a way that is the story of my life where I think I am the odd, out there, extreme one and it turns out that no, I am the one who is the moderate. An odd experience indeed.

We have been working extremely hard to make Eroticon the best experience we can for everyone that attends and it has been great fun and when we close Eroticon I hope that you will all see the devotion we have put into it for all of you. I also hope you appreciate how much D/s stuff it has interfered with.

It will all be worth it.


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