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Tattoo image for piercing

Tattoo image for piercing

Molly and I each have a few tattoos and I have my left ear pierced and she has a nose piercing. Lately I know she has been considering a belly button piercing and I am all for that. What I haven’t mentioned to her is that I have been thinking about another tattoo for me.

This doesn’t mean I am going to rush out and get something, there has to be just the right thing and I am not sure what that is. We got our first ones together on one of her trips to the lovely city of Philadelphia and it was a major thing for both of us. A visual sign of our commitment to each other.

We don’t take these lightly, our second joint tattoo was the lock on her wrist and the key on mine. We had them done so that when we hold hands (Molly always wants to be on my left, make of that what you will) they match up against each other. She is one ahead of me, she got a moon and stars done on her left shoulder on another trip to my home town.

The part of my body I am going to get it on is easy. When I imagine having a new tattoo it is on my right shoulder and so location is decided. But what to get?

It needs to be something that speaks to me, to her and about us. That will take much discussion and looking at designs online. I think that whatever I decide to get it will be drawn by the amazingly talented step daughter. Truly she has been gifted with considerable talent and she would be so proud if I had something she drew put on me.

I couldn’t tell what has inspired me to do this, but my internal view of myself now contains this notion. Perhaps I will get it done the same time that Molly gets her new piercing.

That sounds just like the kind of thing a kinky couple should do together.

Doesn’t it?


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