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Claw my way to the top

Picture of a finger claw

Picture of a finger claw

This lovely little claw is just the thing for some discrete play. I can keep it in my pocket and when we have a few moments alone I can just slip it on my finger and use it just about anywhere on her body.

We bought it a few years ago at LFF or BBB, I really can’t be sure. Now while I am a fairly short man I do have fairly big hands, just how big they are was made apparent when I saw some picture Molly had taken while I was divesting myself of a suit I wore for her during a fun evening in, so when we got the claw I did have to modify it a bit to fit my giant sausage sized finger in it.

The tip is surprisingly sharp and makes the most delightful scratch marks on her tender flesh. The four claws on the back side aren’t nearly so sharp, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do some damage on their own.

Just thinking about how she squirms when I draw this across the tender flesh of her thigh, or her arm, or back, well quite honestly makes me want to go get it from the kit bag upstairs and spend the rest of the evening toying with various parts of her body until bed time.  It really is very tempting.

So what do you think? Shall I grab the claw and have a little fun with it and her?

Or is imagining it enough for you?


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