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Theater sign for talk

Theater sign for talk

I don’t know if I can make it. When I started this project on the 1st of this year I expected it to be easy. After all I can talk your ear off if we are having a conversation, seriously it takes considerable will power to shut the hell up.

I have learned to get better at that over the years and I do my best to encourage others to talk since learning most often happens when you listen. But I had it in my head that what I had to say was something of value. And I hope in spite of my missteps some of what I have written has been helpful to someone sometimes.

I also hoped to improve my writing skills, but really what I have learned about that is that the limitations of twitter suit the thoughts in my head. I wander and lose my point as I witter on. This isn’t a cry for attention, when I look back over my year of posts so far I cringe at what I see. Sometimes what you learn is where your talents lie and I have learned at least that much.

I have not come to any firm decision as to whether I will be able to manage the last 58 days of the year. I will give it my best shot. But I can’t help but feel that carrying on with this (no matter how stubborn my nature might be) might not be the best use of my time.

So I will ponder it and see if I can find the inspiration to carry on, but if I don’t, please know

That it is not you, it’s me.


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