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  • Blood for Thought

    Blood for Thought


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    Some of you might have read Molly’s post the other day “Out for Blood” and enjoyed it (or not) but it inspired me I can tell you that. So I got out the very lovely knife she got me for our Anniversary and waited for the appropriate moment. I had her sit backward in one…

  • Sharper Image

    Sharper Image

    About a week ago this comment was left here in response to this image: Off the cuff. The marks across my bottom were made by a knife. Rather than answering in the comments I thought I would turn it into a post. The first indication that knives might be a thing for me came about…

  • An Awesome Blossom

    An Awesome Blossom


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    A blossom of pain that is. This is me being clever Do you get it? Ahhh well, just me then.   If you read yesterday’s post then you might know that these are some new Xmas gifts that Molly and I exchanged.  Barring England sinking into the sea, not an unreasonable proposition given the almost…

  • More to the Point

    More to the Point


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    I have a point to make. I was taking part in an online twitter sex chat (no, not that kind of sex chat you pervs) when I was asked what was on my Sexual Bucket List for 2016. Now I am not a list kind of guy, a fact that drives Molly mad, I tend…