We are Michael Knight and Molly Moore, a 24×7 D/s couple living just North of London, England. We met online on a now defunct Erotic Writing forum where Molly seduced me to the darkside (Ok, it might have been a mutual seduction) prior to my encounter with Molly I would not have considered myself as Dom. Molly had previously discovered and had begun exploring her submission and she saw a side of me that I had not acknowledged and together we began to learn how we fit and what that meant to each of us.

We spent the next four months communicating constantly until she asked “Would you meet me?” I of course said “Yes” “Not as a theoretical thing, but as an actual plan?” and again I said “Yes!” and so a plan was born for her to come, on her own, across the ocean to meet a man she had only ever talked too. Luckily for her I was not a serial killer and we spent almost three glorious weeks (extended five days by a very fortuitous Icelandic volcano) exploring Philadelphia in the Spring. This led to a flurry of trips back and forth until neither of us could stand being apart one moment longer and I moved to the UK ( a strange land) for us to marry and live kinkily ever after.


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