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She Drives Me Crazy



Like no one else. She drives me crazy and I can’t help myself. I do love that song by the Fine Young Cannibals. When I was reading Molly’s post from yesterday that song popped into my mind.

She is difficult and challenging and not the sub you see portrayed as the ideal twue sub. And I couldn’t be happier about that. This is part of what makes US work. Just as she needs to be made to submit I need to make her submit. In my own special snowflake way it would be utterly dull if it were easy. I like that I need to be continually creative. That keeps my Dom mind hard at work. I am the kind of person that solves boredom by getting inventive, for me idle hands are truly the devils workshop.

This ties in with what @ht_honey asked me yesterday

Molly has mentioned things like pinching which you do while in public. What else do you do while you are out? Is it her response, getting away with it in plain sight, or something else that delights you about it?

I do indeed pinch her bottom. I will also give her a quick spank, or if I am fully prepared for the evening out I will bring along a misery stick to use at just the right moment. I need to show her over and over that she belongs to me and well, doing it semi-publicly (only visible to those that are in the know) is a turn on for her as well as for me. It is a constant and ongoing affirmation of our D/s.

Much like myself the thing that gets to Molly is being bored. The ultimate kiss of death from her is when she says.

“This is boring”

It is my job to make sure that happens as rarely as possible

This doesn’t make things easy for me. She can be grumpy, difficult and exceedingly pesky and as she and @islut_ said yesterday.

SPITA’. (Subby Pain In The Ass) It sounds MUCH more kinky than ‘Brat’.

I completely agree that SPITA might just be the perfect acronym for what Molly is but in all reality I’m not much better.

So yeah, she drives me crazy, in all the best ways and when she least expects it I show her just what that gets her.

I wonder what acronym would be the one for me. Any suggestions?


P.S. Maybe it might be more accurate to say that we drive each other crazy and we can’t help ourselves.


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  1. Well, you *did* mention your Special Snowflake-y Dom-ness, but I’m not sure SSD is a good acronym. It makes me think of Social Security (Disability). 😉

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