Molly as a schoolgirl for perfect submimssive

How to be the perfect submissive

I see a lot of submissives on Twitter asking how they can be better and even more Doms asking how…
My reflection in an oval mirror for Introspection

Introspection on the importance of self awareness

A friend said to me “I hope you’re proud of yourself” My answer? “Very rarely” It is a facet of…
Directions Molly exposing her bum on a round about for all who wander

All Who Wander

If you ever need to start a conversation with a Brit (a trickier proposition than you might think) there are…
Wooden spoon for fighting it

Fighting it

Molly wrote a post this week called Boxed in and it seems to have made some people concerned about where…
Love Sculpture Philadephia

Love, Sex and D/s

I have spent most of my life thinking that I am like other people, or that they are like me.…
Holding kitten's hand for partings


Kitten is asleep and we are are at Molly’s parents for a birthday celebration. I ┬áhave been put to work…
Their hands on my bottom for the living end

The living end

I will keep this brief since Sinful Sunday is all about the image. The prompt this week is humor and…
Kitten and I holding hands for Who's your Daddy

Who’s your Daddy?

There is a new chapter of my life that I want to talk about. I know this is a sensitive…
Michael Knight in all his dubious glory


The Dom
You might know me from Twitter or Fetlife or Molly’s Blog. It is even possible you don’t know me at…
Clothed Male Naked Female us


The Couple
We are Michael Knight and Molly Moore, a 24×7 D/s couple living just North of London, England. We met online…
Molly Moore crouched on the Floor


The Sub

About This D/s Life

It all started, as many things do, by a combination of things. The discussion on twitter about 365 projects and several conversations about D/s. This all rolled around in my brain until a few of the still functioning synapses fired and I tweeted

“I want to start a 365 project, but instead of pictures I want 365 days of expressing our D/s relationship”
To which my amazing wife replied
“One random tweet and whole new project is about to be born…. We must be crazy”
We both write about our love and our kink, often on Twitter but Twitter being what it is sometimes those words get lost. And so This D/s Life was born, a place for us to store and share some of those thoughts with each other and you, where we will try to show the daily interactions that portray our relationship and kink. Thanks for Reading. @domsigns Mollyxxx