Their hands on my bottom for the living end

The living end

I will keep this brief since Sinful Sunday is all about the image. The prompt this week is humor and we spent a few days thinking of how we could capture this and the image below is the “end” result. Maybe you will find it funny, maybe you won’t, but I can tell you that there was a great deal of laughing while we were taking these pictures and in my mind that is all that matters. It really was the living end 😉



Their hands on my bottom for the living end

Sinful Sunday


14 responses to “The living end”

  1. Great picture and I love the way the three of you work so well together. Three lovely bottoms too!

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  3. You can almost see the giggles!!!

  4. I’m guessing much giggles happened taking these and the end results are brilliant 😀

  5. Such a cute little bum. ?

  6. Great image, and yes I can feel the laughter!

  7. I do like you in Molly’s knickers!

  8. I’m sure you did all have lots of fun . . . and your bottom does look so spank-able in that red lace !!!
    Xxx – K

  9. I have to say, I never expected you to have such a pert little bottom! All three of the images are full of giggles, you can practically feel it. Such lovely bums, thank you (all) for sharing.

  10. Great find for an image. Love the fun!

    Rebel xox

  11. I’m glad you all had so much fun with this week’s prompt! This is a great photo!
    Aurora x

  12. I had no idea you have such a pert bum and you suit lace so well *giggles

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