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  • All Who Wander

    All Who Wander

    If you ever need to start a conversation with a Brit (a trickier proposition than you might think) there are two sure fire ways to get them involved. One is to talk about the weather and the other is to talk about directions. They will talk forever on both of those topics and if you…

  • Love, Sex and D/s

    Love, Sex and D/s


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    I have spent most of my life thinking that I am like other people, or that they are like me. I may have been wrong about that it seems. What am I talking about? I am talking about casual D/s. This is not to be confused with Topping, or what I like to call being…

  • Partings



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    Kitten is asleep and we are are at Molly’s parents for a birthday celebration. I  have been put to work gutter cleaning and I am making dinner as well. What does any of this have to do with D/s and kink? Well it is about having a poly relationship and some of the unexpected things…

  • Fountains of Wayne

    Fountains of Wayne


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    Dear Wayne, I see you have been making the rounds of sex blogs, that is a good thing. You are looking to see what other people have to say about sex, and relationships and even kink. Good for you to take the time to make these explorations to learn and expand your horizons. Obviously in…

  • Carpe Kitten

    Carpe Kitten

    Many of you know that I have a kitten now, but even though we have tweeted about it people have been shy it seems about asking questions. That changed today when I got a DM with the following questions. I asked if it was OK to share those questions with kitten and Molly and got…

  • Mixing it up

    Mixing it up


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    There is a feeling you get when you are in control. I am someone whose job it was to be in control. I used to use this everyday And one of my favorite places to use it was here I am in the tower in the crowd in this shot mixing sound at The Jacksonville…

  • Forever in Blue Jeans

    Forever in Blue Jeans

    I know you are all very tired of hearing this and I am sure most of you will just click away, but this is for Kink of the Week and since Molly was silly enough to let me pick the current topic I figure that means I should write a post on the subject and…

  • Sub is a Battlefield

    Sub is a Battlefield



    Let me see if I can do this without being a dick. To me (the crucial words) submission or dominance is never simple (for us) I am sure for some people that isn’t true, that in that moment the Dom commands and the sub does as she is told. Molly is not that kind of…

  • Differentiated


    Uniform, see, the word itself just screams to me of conformity and that just puts my back up. The notion that I should dress in a way that makes me indistinguishable from everyone else. That just doesn’t work for me. I know, I can almost hear you thinking “But Michael, you wear jeans and a…

  • the lesser of two evils

    the lesser of two evils

    I get it, I really do. There is an aspect of evil that is seen as attractive. Molly thinks that Hannibal Lector is hot (partially because of Anthony Hopkins) because he is evil. But you Mr Suit Dom, you are not evil. You might play to your audience that you are. You might make all…