Me in a suit for lesser of two evils

the lesser of two evils

I get it, I really do. There is an aspect of evil that is seen as attractive. Molly thinks that Hannibal Lector is hot (partially because of Anthony Hopkins) because he is evil.

But you Mr Suit Dom, you are not evil. You might play to your audience that you are. You might make all the subbies swoon with the darkness that fills your heart. But I know better.


If you are evil:

A) It is the banal evil of just being a dick and a self serving one at that. It is the evil of the lazy and really very dull.

B) You are actually evil in which case you are to be avoided at all costs and probably should seek professional help.

Sadly being “evil” plays well to your intended victims. They enjoy it, in the way that people like to be scared at the movies or an amusement park. That little thrill of possible danger, but all the while you know that nothing bad is really going to happen to you.

That can lull people into a false sense of security where they think they know what is going on. People get broken that way. The banal evil simply doesn’t care about you. They have found a trick that works, that makes them seem all Domly McDomface and that gets them what they want, and if after a while you find out that they are just shitty people and you move on, well that is OK too because there are plenty more newbies to fall under their beautiful web of darkness. These Doms wander through life leaving a trail of destruction behind them and cover it up with “I told you I was evil” Which leaves them blameless because you knew what you were signing up for.

And evil type B? That is run away and hide evil, the type that claims exactly the opposite. They masquerade as normal people and do a damn good job of it. Right up until they pull the cord on the chainsaw.  You don’t know that you have met evil until it is far too late to avoid a horrible fate.

I prefer a different way. I am not evil and would be horrified if someone thought I was. That doesn’t mean I am soft bunny slippers though. I can be hard and mean when it is called for. I will push you to go places you didn’t think you could. I will mark you, scare you and maybe even make you cry.

But I will also make sure you are Ok afterwards. I will kiss your tears away. I will make you tea and bring you cookies and cuddle you until you stop trembling out of sheer exhaustion as a result of what we have just done.


Because I am not the lesser of two evils



3 responses to “the lesser of two evils”

  1. SilverDom Avatar

    Well written!
    BTW, I don’t even own a suit any more – been years.

  2. There are times I can’t understand how some people find it difficult to know the difference between arrogance and dominance. Put someone in a suit and it seems to exaggerate that phenomenon!

  3. Glad to read a post of yours again. I have missed them.

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