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  • the lesser of two evils

    the lesser of two evils

    I get it, I really do. There is an aspect of evil that is seen as attractive. Molly thinks that Hannibal Lector is hot (partially because of Anthony Hopkins) because he is evil. But you Mr Suit Dom, you are not evil. You might play to your audience that you are. You might make all…

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil



    Everyone has limits, things that they won’t do. A level beyond which their safeword is no longer something theoretical, but a word that quivers on your lips. The question is, when do you stop? Is it just before the word is spoken, before the spell is broken and play must end? Or, can you pause,…

  • The Dark Knight Rises, Wearing a Bathrobe

    The Dark Knight Rises, Wearing a Bathrobe



    I know that I am supposed to be dark and brooding, always exploring my evil darkness to come up with new ways to keep the subbies kneeling at my feet. But really, that is just all too exhausting for me. Who has that much time (other than Batman) to brood? I don’t want to inspire…