Sometimes evil wears a funny hat

The Dark Knight Rises, Wearing a Bathrobe

I know that I am supposed to be dark and brooding, always exploring my evil darkness to come up with new ways to keep the subbies kneeling at my feet. But really, that is just all too exhausting for me. Who has that much time (other than Batman) to brood? I don’t want to inspire fear, only respect. I don’t want people to think I am evil, just good at making them hurt. The simple truth is

I want to have fun.

I want you to have fun too. Now this might not be fun as other people see it, but then people do a lot of things that they claim are fun and I just don’t see it. Like chasing a wheel of cheese down a giant hill, or worm charming, or (shudder) even golf. I prefer to think of what I do for fun more like a roller coaster but with a bit more of a bruising outcome, but in the end no less safe, well actually maybe a little bit safer after last Summers incident in the UK.

I know that might dent your notions but let’s be real here. We do not actually want to harm people and people do not come to us wanting to be harmed. We all want to explore the edges around our sexuality in a way that others do not and that is great, but we do all want to get out alive, no matter how elaborate the scenes we create are.

Me, I like to do the scenes where I can play a bit of evil, be the horror show that gets you (and me) excited. But I am always happy to play the less conventional kind of Dom, the one who smiles and jokes while planning just how I am going to mark you. Because that isn’t what you expected and that makes it all the more thrilling when it happens.

So you are going to find me spending most of my time being silly and flirty and trying to make you laugh. Right before (and maybe even during) and intense play scene.

And I might even wear a silly hat while I do it.


P.S. This doesn’t mean that I don’t take our D/s relationship seriously, I most certainly do, but it is about our happiness even when I spank her.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises, Wearing a Bathrobe

  1. We were having a very similar conversation at a munch last night. We take what we do seriously but we also like to have serious fun! If we can’t enjoy what we do and I’m supposed to fear him, where is the fun in that?

  2. Fun IS serious hard work. Does anything think that being silly comes easy? Au contraire, Bubbala!! If you can’t have fun while marking your “terror-ity”, why bother.?

  3. Good thought. My Dom is often funny; we laugh a lot. Sometimes it may be a bit off-putting when something in a scene hits his funny-bone and he has to share, but over-all it’s a good thing.

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