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A Touch Too Much



So when is it a kink too far? Oddly this post was inspired by a song (I know you are tired of my musical references)  that leapt into my brain. AC/DC “A Touch Too Much” I got me thinking about people who are put off some aspects of the kink that Molly and I practice. I know that for some the knives and blood can really squick some people out and I know that Molly and I have been to play events where we have seen kinks that make us wince as well and how we deal with those is important because we need to understand that what turns us on may not be what turns other on.

I have a post in drafts that I know will make some people uncomfortable, and some people won’t want to read it at all because of how this kink makes them feel. It won’t stop me from writing about it. It just made me think how some people have trouble accepting other kinks. This is not a judgement, just a statement of fact.

As I have said many times before that to me the key is always informed consent. So long as everyone involved is of age and in their right mind then who are we to judge what turns them on? But is there a limit, or are all kinks acceptable even if they push right to the edge of societal boundaries?

Sure there are plenty of kinks that might not turn us on, but we still accept them even without understanding them. I have a great many friends that are very into latex and I don’t get it at all. But it also doesn’t make me uncomfortable. So I thought I would ask you dear reader to tell me what you think might be…

A touch too much.



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  1. Choking – I see it all the time in D/s pictures and blog posts. It’s almost to the point of being a benign, expected element of bdsm. But almost always, when I see those pictures, I instantly close the browser. Nope. No, thank you.

  2. AlwaysTouching Avatar

    Urethral sounding. Even the thought is enough to start me wincing and screaming and Oh gods now I feel sick.

  3. I have a few…
    Anything with poop. Just no. The extreme humiliation in some D/s bothers me – locked up in cages, plastic surgery to look different, extreme verbal abuse. I have talked to therapists about the reasons behind this but it bothers me to see it. And while I know it’s a thing for a few people I communicate with, I have trouble with daddy and little girl stuff, because I can’t get my head around the incest connotations.

  4. From an anonymous commenter

    Blood/knives are too far for me as a former self-injurer, but not creepy. I think scat is my creepy element. I don’t see anything arousing about it. I had someone ask me to pour urine over myself in the shower. It didn’t turn me on, but it really worked for him. I didn’t find it offensive so I went with it. Would’ve drawn a line at drinking it, though.

  5. Humiliation, rape to a point, and coprophilia. The last just no. It turns me off going number 2 or having to plunge the toilet when it backs up. The necessities of life. Humiliation is a hard no as well. Why belittle me when you could get a better response another way. Rape to point has to do with a reoccurring dream. In the dream I place myself in character to not know the person that greets me then turns to place a cloth over my mouth with chloroform. When I awake I’m tied to a chair front resting on the back of it. Then I’m told by the captor that I will experiment with an open mind different fiendish erotic things. It basically relieves me of any control.

  6. I don’t think there’s a “kink” that’s too far for me personally. There’s a lot I don’t get but nothing that would make me close any browsers or stop talking to someone. I do have a problem with dribble and cum and the like from someone’s mouth. But the dribble is a thing for me anyway. Even just writing it is making me gag.

  7. Your kink may not be my kink and that is absolutely fine by me!

    We are all different and all have different life experiences that shape the person that we are today and that also, I feel, affects our kinks as well. I can’t do knives, there is a reason for that, the fact that you and Molly and many many others love knife play/blood play is absolutely fine.

    M and I won’t ever play with needles/piercing as M is needle phobic so that is somewhere that we will never go. It does not bother us that others like to play that way.

    We should however all respect each other and what may not turn us on and does another should NEVER be critisised. Provided everyone consents and safety precautions are in place play away, enjoy, have fun and maybe a giggle or two!

    Velvet x

  8. Sirebel Avatar

    I don’t think most of the replies have gotten your point. There are lots of things that aren’t my kink but as you said, if everyone is informed, consenting and of a sound adult mind then I will never object to anything they do.

    Personally, scat is a step too far but there isn’t much else I wouldn’t do.

    1. I am happy to see how people respond to a post, even if it wasn’t precisely the point I was making.


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